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Free Market

What is the free energy market?

Since 1 July 2007, in Italy, anyone can choose their own electricity and gas supplier, opt for the offer they deem most convenient and switch at any time from the protected market to the free one.

What is ARERA and what role does it play?

The Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment (ARERA) carries out regulation and control activities in the electricity and natural gas sectors. Established with law no. 481 of 1995, is an independent administrative authority that works to ensure the promotion of competition and efficiency in public utility services and protect the interests of users and consumers.

Who protects the customer of the free market?

Customers who choose to switch to the free market are protected by the Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment (ARERA), which provides for a code of commercial conduct oriented towards the obligations of transparency and information on offers, prices and bills. of the different operators.

Can we return to the more protected market?

Yes, at any time the free market customer can choose to return to the enhanced protection market, exercising the right of withdrawal compatibly with the provisions of the legislation for the end of the  enhanced protection market.

How often can you change your electricity and gas supplier?

The free market customer can choose to switch from one supplier to another as often as he wants.

Electricity and Gas: Contracts and Services

How soon is it possible to exercise the right to reconsider?

In the event that the customer changes his mind after signing a contract, outside the headquarters or commercial offices (for example at home), he has 14 days to communicate his decision in writing. On the other hand, the customer who has adhered to the proposal and signed the contract in the seller’s offices has no right of reconsideration.

Who should I contact if the home system fails?

In the event of an electrical fault and irregularity in the gas supply, the customer can contact the dedicated fault reporting service, active 24 hours a day, every day of the year. The aforementioned service is carried out by the local Distributor operating in the province of residence; the telephone number is indicated on the first page of the bill.

What is the customer code for?

The customer code (or number) identifies each electricity or gas supply contract and is essential whenever the customer wishes to contact the Metaenergia Customer Service.

How can consumption be monitored?

Metaenergia makes available to its customers, both via APP and through the dedicated area on the website, various types of data useful for keeping their energy and / or gas supply under control. Among the various information available, the customer can monitor both consumption trends and the history of bills.

Electricity and Gas: Bills

What is the POD code?

The POD: Point Of Delivery is an alphanumeric code (consisting of 14 or 15 characters) that always begins with “IT” and identifies with certainty the withdrawal point or the physical point where the energy is delivered by the seller and picked up by the end customer. The code does not change even if you change vendors.

What is the PDR code?

The PDR (redelivery point) is a code consisting of 14 numbers that identifies the redelivery point or the physical point where the natural gas is delivered by the seller and picked up by the end customer. The code does not change even if you change vendors.

What is self-reading for?

Self-reading your meter allows you to have a bill in line with your consumption and an up-to-date customer profile. In this way, even in the absence of self-reading, Metaenergia is able to estimate the consumption of electricity or gas.

What is the balance?

Metaenergia sends customers a balance invoice, after recording the actual consumption confirmed by the competent distributor. It is an invoice that returns the amount invoiced as a down payment and recalculates the fees for the reference period.

Social bonus, what changes in 2021?

From 1 January 2021, the social bonus, i.e. the discount on electricity, gas and water bills provided for families with low incomes, will become automatic for all users in possession of the required requirements, without the need to submit the application to the Municipalities or Cafs enabled. Citizens will be automatically provided, that is, without the need to submit an application, the electricity bonus for economic hardship, the gas bonus and the discount on the water bill. On the other hand, the bonus for physical discomfort will not be automatically paid. For this latter facility, therefore, the access methods will not change: subjects who are in serious health conditions and who use electro-medical equipment for their survival will have to continue to apply to the authorized Municipalities and Cafs.

Where can I find the explanations of the items on the bill?

If you are looking for useful information on your bill, you can consult the guides we have created to make it easier to read your bill.

What are the ways to pay the Metaenergia bill?

Metaenergia offers its customers two options for paying invoices:

  • bank or postal domiciliation, with debit on the current account;
  • bulletin, to be paid at post offices or branches of the Lottomatica service network (LIS, Lottomatica Italia Servizi).
I have a VAT number. Who should I tell where to send my electronic invoices?

If you have a VAT number, to receive electronic invoices at the desired electronic address, you can:

  • indicate the PEC or the recipient code directly to the Exchange System, using the registration service made available by the Revenue Agency;
  • communicate the electronic address to Metaenergia, using the specific form; Metaenergia will insert the PEC or the recipient code communicated directly in the xml file of the electronic invoice.
I am a residential customer, where can I view my electronic invoices?

You have the opportunity to see all electronic invoices, including electricity and natural gas bills, in your tax drawer made available by the Revenue Agency. If you have communicated a PEC to Metaenergia where you can receive electronic invoices, you can view them in the PEC. Finally, we remind you that as a final consumer you have no obligation to receive and manage the electronic invoice as the “bill” document, which you continue to receive by e-mail or ordinary mail, has fiscal and legal value for you.

What happens in case of loss / non-delivery of the bill?

When the customer has lost his bill, or thinks it has never been delivered, he can contact the Customer Service, or monitor the history of his bills online from the reserved customer area.

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