Light & gas glossary

The Glossary is a tool aimed at end customers of electricity (powered by low voltage) and gas (with annual consumption up to 200,000 Smc) to make the terms used in the bills more understandable, providing a simple explanation for each item.

Following resolutions 610/2015 / R / com, 463/2016 / R / com, 782/2016 / R / eel, 129/2017 / R / com and 849/2017 / R / com in force since January 1, 2018 , ARERA updated the Glossary of terms used in energy and gas bills .

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The Glossary is divided into two sections dedicated to the terms of the electricity bill and the gas bill, both with respect to the “summary” elements that fall within the so-called “synthetic bill”, and with respect to the “detail” elements that contain the detailed picture of what invoiced to the final customer.

Furthermore, the individual supplier has the right to include in the Glossary the explanation of other items related to the electricity and gas market that are not among those already defined by the Authority.

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