The Italian free market

The Free Market

The Law Decree n.79 of 16/03/99, better known as the Bersani Decree, in transposition of the European Directive n.92 of 1996, liberalizes the electricity market in Italy, paving the way for the liberalized sale of electricity first to all companies and VAT numbers and, subsequently, in 2007, also to families (Law Decree n.73 of 2007) thus breaking the monopoly in force up to that moment. For gas, on the other hand, the market liberalization process began with the Legislative Decree n.164/2000, the so-called Letta Decree, and was completed in January 2003. Today, businesses and families can freely choose their electricity and gas supplier and actually reduce costs.

Protection services (protected market) are services for the supply of electricity and natural gas with contractual and economic conditions defined by the Authority – ARERA, for small end customers (such as families and small businesses) who have not yet chosen a seller in the free market.

The legislation provided for the gradual transition from the protected to the free market, providing for the dates from which the price protection services will no longer be available.

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Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and Environment (ARERA)  
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Towards the end of the protected market (ARERA)

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