Placet casa offer: fixed price

What are Placet offers for energy?

Acronym of Free Price With Equivalent Protection Conditions, these are standard offers that provide for contractual conditions set by the Authority (Delibera 555/2017/R/com) and others freely defined between the parties, but corresponding to certain fees . It is possible to choose between a fixed price (which will remain in force for the entire duration of the first year) or a variable price (which will in any case be influenced by the constant updating of the costs communicated by ARERA and by the prices in force in the market at wholesale).









Energy component price:

F1 0,57 €/kWh

Monday-Friday from 8:00 to 19.00


F2 0,57 €/kWh

Monday-Friday from 7:00 am to 8:00 am and from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm and Saturday from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm


F3 0,57 €/kWh

Monday-Saturday from 11pm to 7am and on Sundays and holidays 24 hours a day




  Natural gas component price:

2,847 €/Smc


Advantages offer:

Fixed price

Choose the peace of mind of a fixed price for 12 months and the same for the whole day.


Bank domiciliation

No more queuing to pay bills and no deadlines to remember.


Flexible billing

You can choose whether to receive your bill every 2 months, or monthly.


Web bill

As soon as it is issued, you will receive your bill conveniently by e-mail and it will remain available in the Customer Area of the site this way, not only is the bill available immediately, but you also help the environment!

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Offer conditions:


Offer valid throughout Italy and reserved for new Metaenergia spa customers with an existing electricity or gas contract in their own name with another supplier.


The above prices are valid for 12 months and are respectively the electricity offer relating to the electricity component and the gas offer relating to the natural gas raw material component.

At the expiry of the 12 months METAENERGIA SPA will proceed with the renewal by sending the Customer a written communication with a notice of at least 3 (three) months from the expiry date of the economic conditions, indicating the price that will be applied at the end of the 12 months, in accordance with the provisions of Article 10 of the Placet General Conditions. The new economic conditions will take effect unless the customer exercises the right of withdrawal according to the procedures set out in the General Conditions of the supply contract. In the absence of withdrawal by the Customer, the new economic conditions are considered accepted.


The billing of the supply will be carried out on a bimonthly or monthly basis, according to the customer’s choice. The customer will make payments through:

  • bank domiciliation (“SDD”);
  • Bank transfer;
  • Postal.

At any time, the customer can exercise his right of withdrawal without paying any penalty and / or charge.


Law no. 124/2017 establishes the obligation for all sellers to offer households and small businesses at least one “standard” supply proposal at a fixed price (in which the price of energy is kept fixed for a certain period of time) and at least a variable price proposal (in which the price changes automatically based on changes in a reference index).

The Authority, in accordance with the provisions of law no. 124/2017, has already introduced the regulation of the PLACET offer (at Free Price with Equivalent Conditions of Protection – PLACET), which obliges all sellers to include in their package of commercial proposals, an offer aimed at families and small businesses clear and understandable, at freely determined prices but with contractual conditions defined by the Authority.


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