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Alternative Dispute Resolution (A.D.R.)

For the resolution of complaints relating to the supply contract, customers have access to out-of-court dispute resolution tools defined as ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution).

ARERA, with resolution 620/2015 / E / com, established the list of ADR bodies pursuant to art. 141-decies of the Consumer Code. The aforementioned updated list is available on the website on the page dedicated to the conciliation service . With Resolution 209/2016 / E / com, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and Environment (ARERA) adopted the Integrated Text on extrajudicial resolution procedures for disputes between customers or end users and operators or managers in the sectors regulated by ” Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and the EnvironmentIntegrated Conciliation Text (TICO). The TICO regulates the carrying out of the mandatory conciliation attempt for disputes between end customers of low and / or medium voltage electricity, end customers of low pressure gas, prosumers or end users and operators or managers.

The Conciliation Service is an ADR tool to which Metaenergia has joined.The Conciliation Service, set up with the TICO, provides final customers of electricity and gas with a simple, fast and free procedure for resolving any disputes with operators, through the intervention of a conciliator who helps the parties to find a agreement.The final customer, therefore, who has remained dissatisfied with the management of his complaint or has not received a response within the established terms, before resorting to the ordinary judge must necessarily resort to the Conciliation Service.

The recourse to the Conciliation Service, therefore, is configured for the end customer as a condition of admissibility of the judicial action that he may wish to undertake.Any agreement with the Conciliation Service constitutes an enforceable title, that is, it can be asserted by the parties before the competent judge in the event of non-compliance with the contents.For more information, and for the purposes of activating the Conciliation Service, you can consult the ARERA website .

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